Westone Thunder active guitar wiring

This diagram is based on the wiring in a January 1983 Thunder IIA. It should be suitable for any Thunder active guitar with controls for volume, tone and active gain and 3 mini switches for coil tap, phase reverse, and active on/off


  1. the white wire from the neck pickup connects directly to the red wire on the shielded cable to the pickup switch. The join is wrapped in insulated sleeving
  2. there is a pcb on the back of the phase switch which provides the interconnections between the terminals. If the switch needs replaced the pcb is not needed and can be replaced by 2 link wires as shown
  3. this is a bare wire which connects to single terminals on the coil tap and phase switches and also is soldered to the bodies of all three mini switches
  4. this battery earth connects to the switch terminal on the (3 terminal) jack socket - the circuit is completed when a jack is inserted, connecting this terminal to earth.
  5. One end of R1 and C1 connects to the switch terminal, the other end of both components is soldered to the switch body The coil tap and phase mini switches are  DPDT, the active bypass switch is a 4 pole changeover switch. The volume pot is 500K log, the gain pot is 250K log and the active tone pot is a 500K linear pot with a centre detent. Resistor R1 is 1 meg, capacitor C1 is  0.022 microfarad mylar.

Fault finding / troubleshooting this circuit