Westone Thunder II bass

Manufactured from 1981 until at least 1984, probably longer. There are at least three different versions of this bass

Version 1 (1981-82)

As shown in the 1981 catalogue

Thunder II A bass frontThunder II A bass backThunder II A bass front

Pictured below is  a 1981 model. The only difference between this one and the one above (Which is an early 1982 model) is the output socket - an XLR connector. I have seen one other 1981 Thunder II with an XLR socket. According to the 1981 catalogue, the XLR connector was available as an option. Colours available were originally Walnut and Savannah Yellow

1981 Thunder II1981 Thunder II

Version 2 (1982-3)

As shown in the 1982-3 catalogue. Specs as above, except for:

This version was renamed the Thunder III  in 1983

Thunder II bass version 2

Version 3 (1983 on)

As shown in the 1983 catalogue.

Thunder II bass version 3