Westone Raider bass I and II

Raider I

Raider I bass frontRaider I bass back

Raider II

Raider II bass front

The Raider II had different machine heads (Bass Tuner II, the Raider I used Bass tuner I) and was only available in plain red or black. Triangular position markers (The Raider I had dots). Apart from those very minor differences, they're the same guitar. I really can't see the point in having 2 models that are so similar. See also the 1983 catalogue.

Model specs changed sometime in 1983 - the Raider models shown in the 1984 catalogue have only the plain red or black finishes and the Raider II has lost the triangular position markers but gained an extra pickuip (Super Boomer I in the bridge position) and a 3 way pickup selector, also both the Raider I and II had Bass Tuner I machine heads. Both basses now had 22 frets.