Westone Pantera X300 (Pantera Pro)

First appears in the January 1986 pricelist, and is on the 1987 and Jan 1988 pricelists. Available in 3 colours - Candy red (X300CR), Pearl Pink (X300PP) and Pearl White (X300PW)

Thanks to Dean Tucker for these pictures of his X300PP:

Although the X300 Pantera originally had only a volume control, the majority that I have seen have a volume and tone control. It is possible that these are user modifications (On mine, the tone pot is definitely not original), but the design may have been modified at some point - the backplate and cavity have always been large enough to accomodate the extra pot, and some guitars like the one below have original switchmaster knobs on both pots. Thanks to Pauline  for these photos:

Buying tips - damage to the point of the headstock is common. Check the trem is complete, parts may be very hard to obtain. The pickups may not be the ones listed in the catalogues - see the UBC pickups page for details