Westone Pantera X250

This model isn't covered in the 1986 Pantera catalogue and I've never come across one myself so I know nothing about it other than what's obvious from the pictures. Single angled (Probably humbucker) pickup, locking trem with fine tuners, volume and tone controls. Neck looks to be Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard.

The model number (X250) leads me to think this one came out before the models in the 1986 catalogue, which start with the X275.

Update - info from the August 1986 pricelist - this model was known as the Pantera Special, has an arched top, the trem is a Bendmaster Deluxe, 1 Magnaflux pickup. Available in Dull Black. A new finish is available in the April 1987 pricelist (Cherry Burst) The X250l does not appear in any of the later pricelists

pantera x250 backx250 front X250 frontx250 headstock