Westone Paduak I & II

Paduak I

Version 1 (1981)

As shown in the 1981 catalogue

This version used a bridge that did not appear on any other Westone - the saddles are barrel shaped like the saddles on the Thunder basses, and there are slots in the bottom for quick string changing, which makes it look like it has through body stringing.

Version 2 (1982)

As shown in the 1982/3 catalogue.

Changes from version 1 - HF450 pickup Through body stringing with the same bridge and rear string retainer as used on the Thunder I and IA Paduak skunk stripe on the back of the neck, truss rod adjustment at the headstock

Paduak I front Paduak I back

Unlike other active Westone guitars, the Paduak I only uses one battery Two versions of the Paduak I appear in the April 1983 US pricelist, one without a trem at $299.50 and one with a trem at $329.50. None of the catalogues mention a model with a trem.

Paduak II

Paduak II front Paduak II body frontPaduak II back

The Paduak II only appears in the 1982/3 catalogue. Neither model appears in any later catalogues or pricelists. Thanks to Thunduak I for additional info