Westone Dynasty bass (XV200)

Single pickup, volume and tone controls, 22 fret neck, Looks like it was designed by a Klingon - as a weapon.

32.25" scale, 22 frets, Rosewood fingerboard, Maple neck and body. Single Magnabass II pickup, master volume and tone controls

New price (June 1985) a hefty £309 including hard case. (UK only, the US pricelist gives separate prices for the bass and the case)

First appears in the January 1985 US pricelist, does not appear in the August 1986 pricelist. Available in red (XV200RD) or black (XV200JB)

Dynasty Bass front Dynasty Bass bodyDynasty Bass headstock

This black one has two disc-shaped string trees, the one above has a bar for all four strings

dynasty in case

Thanks to Jonathan Harman for this picture: