Westone Concord I

Solid Alder body with Hard Maple neck and fretboard, plastic nut (May be cream or black), through body stringing, 2 single coil pickups, 3 way switch, volume and tone controls.   24 inch scale, 22 frets There seem to be at least four versions of this model - all were made by Matsumoku

Early 1982

According to the Guru's Guitar Guide, this model was introduced in 1982, however this may be because there was no US distributor for Westone guitars until 1982, this version may have been available in 1981 in the UK.  As the features on this version match those of my early 82 Concord I bass, and it's not shown in either the 1982/3 or 1983 catalogues I presume this was the earliest 6 string version This version has the same large headstock and body shape as the Paduak. the headstock colour matches the body colour and the scratchplate follows the contours of the body. There are 12 screws on the scratchplate.

Concord IConcord I


The guitar shown below is a 1982 model. It still has the same large headstock and body shape as the Paduak. The scratchplate (9 screws) only matches the body contours on some of the bottom and is narrower by the jack socket, at the top it curves out where the body curves in and then curves in towards the neck. The headstock colour matches the body colour. I presume this one dates from mid 1982 as it's the version shown in the 1982/3 catalogue

Concord IConcord IConcord I

Late 1982-83

The one pictured below left is a later 1982 model (Serial number begins with 210). There are 12 screws on the scratchplate and the headstock colour does not match the body colour.

1982 Concord 11984 Concord 1  

Thanks to Jon (Tele) for these photos and additional information - note the controls on these two guitars are mounted in slightly different positions


This is the version shown in the 1983 catalogue. The logo on the headstock is the 'bird' style W, all earlier versions had a script logo.  The black guitar pictured above and the one shown below are both 1984 models. The body shape is now rounder (Same as the Thunder series), the headstock is smaller and has a natural finish regardless of the body colour. There are 10 screws on the scratchplate.

Concord I frontConcord I backConcord I headstock

This  1984 Concord I still has the original  quality control inspection sticker ('Examiner No 12') on the volume knob. (Presumably put there by the importers, FCN )

quality control sticker

As far as I know these guitars were not produced after 1984 - they were replaced by the Spectrum models