Clipper Cl 3012

Single coil Alnico pickup in the neck position, Alnico humbucker at the bridge, Bendmaster Deluxe trem,  on/off switch for the single coil pickups, 3 way on/off/coiltap switch for the humbucker.

The numbering system for the Clipper series is quite straightforward. The first digit is the number of pickup coils on the guitar  (2, 3 or 4)  the next three describe the pickups from neck to bridge (1 for single coil, 2 for humbucker). If there are only 2 pickups, the second digit is 0.

There are four models in the Clipper series, the CL2011, CL3012, CL4112 and Clipper Six See also the 1988 catalogue As far as I can tell the Clipper series were manufactured during 1987/88, they may only have been available in the UK/Europe, there is no mention of them in the US pricelists. Most Clipper models were made in Korea