Westone Thunder active guitar wiring

This diagram is based on the wiring in a 1985 Thunder IA. It wiring diagram should be suitable for any Thunder active guitar with controls for volume, passive tone and active tone, pull switches for coil tap and phase reverse, and a mini toggle switch for active on/off


  1. the white wire from the neck pickup connects directly to the red wire on the shielded cable to the pickup switch. The join is wrapped in insulated sleeving
  2. the earth wire/screen on the cables from the pickup switch and both pickups are all soldered to the body of the active EQ pot
  3. this battery earth connects to the switch terminal on the (3 terminal) jack socket - the circuit is completed when a jack is inserted, connecting this terminal to earth. The active on/off mini switche is DPDT. The volume and tone pots are 500K log with DPDT pull switches, the active tone pot is a 500K linear pot with a centre detent. The tone cap C1 is a 0.022 microfarad mylar capacitor. All the passive components on the PCB are easily available, should any need replaced  - the only active component is the IC, an LA6358 dual op-amp. These may  be difficult to obtain, and can be directly replaced if needed by an LM358. The PCB layout and components are identical to those in the second version of the active circuit.