Westone Spectrum III wiring

This wiring diagram is taken from a 1984 Matsumoku Spectrum III

Spectrum 3 wiring

Switch position    Pickup selected Contacts connected
1 Neck (1/2),(4/5),8
2 Neck/Centre (1/2),(4/5),7,8
3 Centre (1/2),(4/5),7
4 Centre/Bridge (1/2),3,(4/5),6,7
5 Bridge 3,(4/5),6
Switch contacts 1 and 2 are permanently connected by a wire link as shown, contacts 4 and 5 are also connected together by a wire link. In the wiring diagram, the switch lever is in position 1.


The volume pot is 500K log, the tone pots are both 500K log with a DPDT pull switch. The single tone capacitor C1 is a 0.047 microfarad Mylar cap - only one is needed as there is no switch position where both tone controls are in circuit at the same time. The phase switch operates on the centre pickup as whenever a switch position is selected where 2 pickups are on at the same time one of them is always the centre pickup.

Pickup specs: